"A time to promote good sportsmanship and friendly games."

Match Play in Underway!

There are 11 team split up into 2 flights based on overall handicaps. Each team will play every team in their flight once......in a round robin format. There will be payouts in each flight based on total points accumulated. 

Participants will be responsible for scheduling their matches, making their own tee times, and turning in the scorecard to the pro shop. 

Match Play Procedure:

  • Make a tee time for your foursome.

  • Let the pro shop know that you are playing your match - please give the pro shop a minimum of one day to prepare your scorecards.

  • Following your match, turn your scorecard into the pro shop. It is also our recommendation to keep one duplicate scorecard per foursome, in case there are questions or a card is lost. 

All matches must be completed by the beginning of October.

  • Each match is worth 20 points. If you win a hole you earn 1 point, ties earn 1/2 a point. Plus 1 point for showing up!

Payouts per flight (per team) will be: 
  • 1st flight....1st place - $200 and 2nd place - $100
  • 2nd flight...1st place - $170 and 2nd place - $80

1st Flight Teams:
  • Carr - March
  • Bravo - Mignone
  • Orzech - Dachniwsky
  • Wood - Neely
  • Gordon - Slockers
  • Smith - Wimberly

2nd Flight Teams:
  • Farrar - Staab
  • Kunz - Reuter
  • Taylor - Ruel
  • Feeney - Sutherland
  • Lanier - Craver

Phuong Costa & Ronda Feeney, TWGA EVENTS COCHAIRMEN