Timarron Women's Golf Association -


1. Weekly Play Day for the 18-hole group and 9-hole group is Wednesday.
      Play Day for the 9-hole PM group is Thursday. All play is governed by                 USGA rules except where Local Rules apply.

2. Membership Dues and Participation:
          a. Dues will be recommended by the Executive Board and collected
               annually. Play groups consist of the Morning Group and the Evening
               Group. Members shall designate one of the 2 groups as their       
               PRIMARY GROUP. All members may play in a second group by
               paying an additional fee. The Board will determine the amount of the
               fees to be charged for each group. New members joining on or after
          b. September 1 will be assessed 50% of the annual dues and will not be
               eligible for year-end awards.
          c.Members may improve ringer scores and wiin weekly Play Day events
              in each group they pay to join.
          d. Membership may be re-designated once during the season within the 
               morning groups. A member may transfer to one of the other groups
               once within the first two months of the season. An example woul be:
               a member pays to play in the 9-hole AM group and would prefer to 
               play in the 18-hole group. She can make this change with the TWGA
               Treasurer and re-designate her dues, without penalty, within the
               above stated guidelines.

3. Handicap Guidelines for Participation
          a. Women with a current established handicap, USGA or a USGA 
                approved handicap system, and a member in good standing of the 
               TWGA, may compete for prizes in weekly TWGA Play Day events. If a
               member does not have an established handicap, a handicap can be      
               calculated for participation in Play Day prizes after five (5) scores  
               have been posted. To be eligible to compete in major TWGA 
               sponsored tournaments, members must have an established handicap                and must have participated in five (5) TWGA Play Day events each
               year. A request to waive the rule may be submitted to the Executive
               Board for consideration.
          b. New members seeking to join the 18-hole group must have a USGA  
               handicap at TCC of 40 or below. 18-Hole members are required to
               play to a 40 or below for all Play Days. There is no handicap
               requirement to join either 9-hole group.
4. All 18 and 9-hole pairings shall be in threesomes or foursomes. Players
      follow "TWGA Play Day sign-Up Procedures".

5. Rules for Picking Up on Play Days:
          a. Applies to 18-hole group only: All putts must be holed out with the
               exception of Match Play, when a player may concede a putt. If a
               player picks up on a hole, she then records the maximum allowable 
               strokes, marking an "X" next to the score. If the score on the "X" hole is                included in the calculation for the event, the player is not eligible   
               for prizes.
          b. Applies to 9-hole groups only: If a player is not on the green in 10 
               strokes, she MUST pick up her ball. If a player picks up on a hole, she                then records the maximum allowable strokes, marking an "X" next to
               the score. If the score on the "X" hole is included in the calculation for
               the event, the player is not eligible for prizes.

6. Two scorecards must be dated, signed, and attested per each group. One
     scorecard is given to the Golf Professional and one scorecard is turned in 
     to the Ringer Chairperson.

7. Any and all rule disputes shall be reported to the TCC Golf Professional. 
     When a dispute occurs in stroke play, play two balls and the correct ruling
     will be determined at the end of the round. Match Play disputes will be 
     resolved according to USGA rules.

8. Year-end awards will be presented at the closing event for all TWGA     
     groups. Individual member eligibility will be based on 25% participation
     in TWGA Play Days in their play groups during the season. A request to 
     waive the rule may be submitted to the Executive Board for consideration.

9. Birdie Guidelines for Year-end Awards:
           a. Must occur on a TWGA play day where individual scores are posted
               and where all participants are playing the same game.

10. Cancellation of a scheduled tournament may be made only by a majority
        vote of the Executive Board or by unplayable conditions, resulting in
        closure of the course. Play Day cancellations will be at the discretion of              the Play Day Chairperson(s) and the Golf Professional.

11. The maximum handicap allowed in a major tournament is 36. 
       Tournaments will be flighted.

12. Any TWGA member who has a hole-in-One during and TWGA event will
        receive money from the Hole-in-One fund designated for such purpose in 
        the budget. If the Hole-in-One fund is depleted during a season, TWGA 
        members will be assessed one dollar ($1.00) each to replenish the fund.

13. Guests may play on TWGA Guest Days only. Each member is entitled to 
        bring one guest per TWGA Guest Day. All other Play Days are restricted
        to TWGA members.

14. The Standing Rules may be revised by a majority vote of members 
        present at a membership meeting. To revise the Standing Rules at a
        special meeting requires a quorum and a majority vote of said quorum.
        If a quorum is received by proxy, the special meeting may be canceled.
        All revisions shall be posted on the TWGA Board fourteen (14) days prior
        to the meeting and submitted in writing to the Executive Board. The
        Executive Board may recommend adoption or rejection of the 
        proposed revision(s).