2015 MINI-MATCH

"A time to promote good sportsmanship and friendly games."

Looking forward to another fun year of   Mini-Matches!!
Sign up at the Opening Banquet!


      Mini-Match Rules:
1. Format is singles Match Play. Pro shop will pop your cards for you.

2. Participants will play a Round-robin format. This means you will play each person in your flight once.

3. Prizes will be paid out according to participation per flight.

4. Matches can be played in any order.

5. Please complete half your matches by July 1st, and all of them by October 15. If you have any scheduling issues please contact one of the Events Cochairmen.

6. Prize cash money will be paid out at the Closing Banquet.

7. Scoring will be by using full handicaps, played off the low handicapper. Each match is worth 20 points. Each player earns 1 point for playing the match. If a player wins a hole they earn 1 point. If the players tie a hole, each player earns 1/2 a point. Turn in signed scorecards to the Pro shop.

*Players are responsible for their making tee times and turning in score cards to the Pro Shop. Please keep a copy of your scorecard too.

Phuong Costa & Ronda Feeney, Events Cochairmen