Timarron Women's Golf Association -
Ringers are your best score on each hole during the season.

Posting Results:
Each play day group will post "Birdies & Chip-Ins" monthly on the "Results" page of the website.

Birdies & Chip-Ins will also be posted weekly on the Bulletin Board in the Ladies Locker Room.  Ringers for all players will be posted on the bulletin board from time to time.
Tracking Birdies, Eagles, Hole-in-One and Chip-Ins
If you make a Birdie or Chip In during a play day, please record it on your play day scorecard. Simply write your name, hole #, and "birdie","chip-in" etc. on the scorecard.

Each play day group Ringer person will keep a record of these items as well as each players attendance throughout the year.   Players must play in 25% of the play days to qualify for Year-End-Awards in each group joined to qualify for the best ringer scores, most birdies and most chip-ins in that group.

Please contact me with any questions.
Debbie Farrar, Ringers Chairman